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The Year 2017

The whole year has been a hectic one, what with numerous book signings, author talks, and my first appearance at the Newcastle International Noir at the Lit & Phil. It’s scary being interviewed in front of an audience, as you never know what questions you are going to be asked. Fortunately, the audience was kind to me, and it up ended another great night.

The year started with a bang when in early January the Wharf Butcher reached Amazon’s top 100 best seller ranking in four countries. Then in June it was a four-day trip down to Yorkshire for “The White Rose” book signing tour. I met many nice people, and have since decided to include Leeds in one of the future crime novels.’

Throughout the year I’ve been busy with book 3 – Angelica’s Curse. Although finished, the book has been put on ice for good reasons. In my next newsletter I hope I can give you some good news – fingers crossed. No fears, I haven’t stopped writing. Book 4 in the series is already at ten-thousand words, and it opens in Chopwell Woods, Gateshead. I intend to make this one a little different from the others, and I will keep you informed on my progress.

Congratulations to the three lucky readers who were picked out in this year’s Christmas Draw, I hope you enjoy your signed copy of Satan’s Beckoning.

With the last of the festive season book signings now complete and only a few more days to go before we enter another new year, I would like to wish you good luck and happiness for 2018.

Gan canny, and thanks for supporting me throughout 2017.


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