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Launch Day Bulletin - The Suitcase Man

Satan's Beckoning by Michael K. Foster

Launch day Bulletin – The Suitcase Man - 20th May 2018

When DCI Jack Mason is sent to investigate a gruesome double murder, his entire world is turned upside down. The ex-wife of a notorious gangster lies dead, a second victim’s body is missing, and the evidence doesn’t stack up. A few days later, when a young man’s body turns up hidden inside a city storage locker, the head and hands are missing.

With Jack’s powers of investigation tested to the limit, a criminal profiler is brought in. But, the inner workings of this killer’s mind won’t be easy to decipher. In a world of human trafficking, drugs, and gangland unrest, who can Jack trust?

It has been a busy month folks and as the 20th May 2018 draws ever closer, a lot is now happening behind the scenes. The Suitcase Man is now at the printers, and the first batch of paperbacks will be available soon. Those of you who have entered the various pre-launch giveaways and competitions will receive your signed copies a few days after the launch.

My thanks go out to all those people behind the scenes who have made this possible, your efforts and support are much appreciated. For all those readers who wish to pick up a signed paperback copy of The suitcase Man, I will soon be listing the forthcoming talks, and book signing events.

If you can get to any of the venues, I’d love to meet up with you and have a chat.

That’s it for now folks, catch up with you later – Michael

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