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Book Teasers  will be placed here when published... Enjoy!

Chameleon - Teaser

by Michael K. Foster

The boy stood on his tip-toes and peered in through the car’s passenger window. Nobody inside – all the doors were locked but the engine was still running. Curious, he inched his way forward through the thick undergrowth and thought he could hear a man’s voice, not too far away, and close to the footpath. Oblivious to the dangers now surrounding him, the dim and vaulted green woods always had a magical appeal.

Earlier, having built a secret bird hide close to the river and just off the beaten track, he was hoping to spot Kingfishers. Fledglings had been seen on the banks. Wild, spectacular, Kingfishers in flight always filled him with joy. Not that he was expecting to see any, but he might if he kept quiet...

The Suitcase Man - Teaser

by Michael K. Foster

When DCI Jack Mason is sent to investigate a gruesome double murder, his entire world is turned upside down. The ex-wife of a notorious gangster lies dead, a second victim’s body is missing, and the evidence doesn’t stack up. A few days later, when a young man’s body turns up hidden inside a city storage locker, the head and hands are missing.


With Jack’s powers of investigation tested to the limit, a criminal profiler is brought in. But, the inner workings of this killer’s mind won’t be easy to decipher. In a world of human trafficking, drugs, and gangland unrest, who can Jack trust?

Satan's Beckoning – Teaser

by Michael K. Foster

Chapter One 

January 2013

Barry Steel was barely alive when they pulled him from the cab of his blue Ford Transit van that night. This was no accident, nor was it suicide. Somewhere beneath the layers of twisted metal, along with a dead woman's body now trapped in the front passenger seat of the little red Volkswagen Polo, lay the truth. It would take all night before accident investigators would get to the bottom of it - they were in no hurry....

The Wharf Butcher – Teaser

by Michael K. Foster

Newcastle, September 2011

One of the many hated things in Ernest Stanton’s life was the number thirteen. He could never explain why, just that it was his unlucky number. Today of all days it was Friday the thirteenth, and the thirteenth day of his trial. It was shortly after two o’clock when he finally entered the witness stand. Of course he was guilty. The whole damn world knew that. What no one knew, not even him, was that in just a few hours he would be dead....

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