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by Michael K. Foster

Saturday, September 07, 2019

My work is extremely personal, a captured moment in time. I take copious notes, sketch down the details and painstakingly analyse everything. I see people how they are, and how they fit into my world. How they react with other people, and how they respond to changing situations. I’m constantly on the lookout for people on the edge. To them, I’m not there. I’m invisible, down at street level and out of sight.

I’m not of course!

I write about what I know, and what I don’t know. I’m never far away from you – but always at a distance. You are the characters who make up my stories, and I’m constantly drawn to you. You are the toolbox of my chronicles, and I’m privileged to have peeped into your world. Maybe our paths have already crossed, for without you my writing would be just another blank page.

Hoping to see you soon


by Michael K. Foster

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tell people more aboutFrom the bestselling author of THE WHARF BUTCHER

SATAN’S BECKONING – (Book 2) in the DCI Jack Mason & David Carlisle Crime Thriller Series.

When a fatal road crash turns out to be murder, DCI JACK MASON is sent to investigate. Within the seemingly dark vaults of the police missing persons files, lay untold dangers. Young women are easy pickings for a serial killer who believes God has sent him to rid the world of an overindulgent appetite for greed. When criminal profiler DAVID CARLISLE is drafted into assist, Carlisle is met by the killer’s wrath

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