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The Poacher's Pocket
The Poacher's Pocket

When the dead come to life, anything can happen…


When fellow police officer, Shaun Quinn, goes missing, DCI Jack Mason is dragged into one of the darkest investigations in his career.

Tasked to find Quinn, the chief inspector soon comes to the chilling realisation they have underestimated the officer’s cunning. On which side of the law is Quinn working?

Fearing the officer has fallen foul to a dangerous diamond smuggling organisation, Mason and the team enter the dark criminal underbelly of Amsterdam’s notorious red light district. Haunted by failure, nothing is what it seems…

With Quinn holding the answers, someone has a serious point to prove, and Jack Mason’s next decision could be his last.

The sixth book in the Jack Mason series of procedural crime thrillers by bestselling writer Michael K Foster, The Poacher’s Pocket is perfect for fans of Peter James, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Alex Smith, David Gatward, and Ann Cleeves, among others.


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" Start to finish, the author hardly gives you time to catch your breath as horror piles on horror and the killer thumbs his nose at the pursuers. "

The Northern Echo.


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‘Start to finish, the author hardly gives you time to catch your breath’


The intensity of this book had me sitting on my edge. The world building done by this author actually had me checking my doors and windows as I read. It was phenomenal.

J Kahele


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