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Launch Day Bulletin - Cameleon

Satan's Beckoning by Michael K. Foster

Launch day Bulletin – Chameleon - 20th June 2019

A Jack Mason Thriller (Book 4) Kindle Edition

"They want the boy ..."

It was meant to be a harmless adventure. When a ten-year-old boy stumbles across a woman hanging from a tree branch in Chopwell Wood, a man at the scene gives chase.

The woman, a well-known advocate, appeared to have had the perfect life. While there is no shortage of suspects, what dark secrets was she hiding?

Nothing is straight forward in this case, and when DCI Jack Mason is given a back seat role in the investigation, he decides to go it alone. There lies a problem, as he must uncover the real enemy before they get to the boy.

You'll be hooked from the start by this gripping crime thriller. There's tension, suspense, and a plot full of unexpected twists and turns. Order your copy today.

Don't miss out on the rest of the series:

  • The Wharf Butcher (Book 1)

  • Satan's Beckoning (Book 2)

  • The Suitcase Man (Book 3)

  • Chameleon (Book 4)

(Order Your Copy of "Chameleon" HERE Today)

That’s it for now folks, catch up with you later – Michael

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