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A reckoning is coming, and Jack Mason’s latest case may be his final one ...


When a deranged stalker targets DCI Mason’s partner, his dedication to protecting her knows no limits. But Jack’s problems are only just beginning. Adding to the chaos, when authorities release Mad Frankie Wiseman from Durham prison, the notorious gangster is hellbent on reclaiming control of the city’s West End.

With the stakes rising, Mason must outwit Wiseman and catch the stalker to prevent his worlds from crumbling. But in a surprising turn of events, the case takes on a whole new level when body parts mysteriously appear at the detective’s doorstep.


Don’t miss out on the rest of the series:


  • Death Plunge (Out soon)


Coming Soon
Coming Soon


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‘Start to finish, the author hardly gives you time to catch your breath’


The intensity of this book had me sitting on my edge. The world building done by this author actually had me checking my doors and windows as I read. It was phenomenal.

J Kahele


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